Tribe All-Stars from 1994

With all the pain we’ve suffered as Cleveland sports fans, the 1994 baseball strike doesn’t get mentioned as often. We all remember the incredible Indians team from 1995 that won 100 games in a shortened season. But that young team was coming into its own in 1994 and was poised to make the playoffs. That Indians team was robbed of a chance to make the World Series and possibly win a title for Cleveland. Check out this photo of the Indians All Stars posted by SI Vault and you’ll be reminded of the incredible team that was denied by fate.

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Cavs introduce Sergey Karasev

I like the Sergey Karasev pick even more now that the Cavs have added talent in free agency. The kid is only 19 so he needs time to develop. With the current roster Mike Brown can bring him along slowly, and hopefully let him focus on spot-up threes to stretch the defense.

Andrew Bynum talks playoffs

Andrew Bynum struck all the right chords today in his introductory press conference. He talked about playing a full season, putting in the work and getting the Cavs to the playoffs. I like how he spoke about his relationship with Mike Brown as well. Let’s hope his effort matches his words.

Betting on the NBA for the upcoming season

Even with new draft picks and Andrew Bynum, it will be a while before the Cavs are included in the list of NBA favorites.

With the fast pace of basketball, there are very few sports that can match its intensity, making it one of the most watched sports in the USA. With players seeming to explode with power as they gracefully move around the court with the ball ducking and dodging the defensive players. All of this makes for a great spectator sport and makes the NBA season so exciting. This is the reason why so many people enjoy watching basketball on TV. With the 2012-2013 season having just finished and because of that many people are actually starting to think about betting on who will win the next season.

Competition is always tough when it comes to the NBA but one team seems to have stood out over the past few years is the Miami Heat, having been in the championship finals three years running now and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon. Bookmakers have them at 2/1 on bringing home the title again this year. On the other side of the conference war though there are a couple of other teams that look really impressive including the San Antonio Spurs (12/1) and the Oklahoma City Thunder (6/1), both have what it takes to win a championship and look a good bet for the upcoming season.

With it being so hard to decide who will win the next NBA title there is an alternatives at sites like Slot games related to basketball are massively popular amongst NBA fans on these sites. The most popular of which is Slam Dunk, a slot game that mixes basketball icons and sound effects with a bonus round to give NBA fans a themed alternative to betting on the NBA.

Pilot Flying J raided by FBI and IRS agents

It’s been a strange and heartbreaking day in the sports world with the news out of Boston, but we also heard some strange news out of Tennessee involving Pilot Flying J, Jimmy Haslam’s company. The headquarters was raided today by the FBI and IRS. Needless to say it isn’t good news when the new Browns owner has to deal with something like this. Let’s hope Jimmy isn’t personally involved in any wrongdoing.