Will LeBron James finally develop a post-up game this season?

LeBron James 1

Here’s some great news from Terry Pluto’s column this morning:

LeBron James continues to work on his low-post moves near the basket. He has not used them often in the preseason games, but James has made it a focal point of extra time on the court after the regular practice sessions. James has said he will have something new for this season — and going into the low post a few times a game will put even more pressure on opposing defenses.

It’s about time. With his size and athleticism, LeBron James should be unstoppable around the basket, particularly when guarded in the low post by other small forwards. Of course, LeBron is extremely dangerous when driving to the basket from the opt of the key, but he also gets lazy and often tosses up the random jumper without letting the team run the offense. Hopefully a low-post game will give him another lethal weapon while also adding some much-needed discipline to his game.

Photo by Bill Moore

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The voting wasn’t close, as LeBron James easily won his first MVP award over Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade. Nobody was surprised. Despite the great seasons delivered by Bryant and Wade, LeBron brought his game to a new level this season. He worked on his free throws and he became one of the most ferocious defenders in the game. He actually came second in the voting for defensive MVP! His critics would never have dreamed he would make such progress on defense. His ability to chase down players on the break and swat away what seemed to be easy layups made him look like Superman, and he now intimidates opponents on both ends of the floor.

I remember years ago when I was interviewing in Chicago in the late eighties. Jordan had not yet won a championship, but he was well on his way to being perhaps the best ever. One of my interviewers explained how amazing it was to be able to watch Jordan night after night as a Bulls fan. Now I can appreciate what he felt.

Late this season, we finally saw LeBron start to work on his post-up game. Once he adds this last weapon he will be virtually unstoppable.

Photo by Bill Moore