Derek Anderson to the Jets?

I have no idea if these rumors are true, but some are speculating that the Browns are shopping Derek Anderson and that the Jets might be interested.

So the Browns are reportedly shopping Derek Anderson. At least one analyst at ESPN has even go so far as to say the Browns will be looking for at least a second-round pick for the quarterback. I think it’s pretty safe to say that a second-rounder is probably the high trade value for Anderson right now though.

Actually, Anderson is a perplexing problem for the Browns. He has shown signs of inconsistency and mental lapses, but these are things that can be drilled in order to fix. He has the arm strength and athleticism to be a great quarterback if his problems can be limited.

He’s also owed $5 million by March as a guaranteed roster bonus. To put it simply, the Browns need to decide if it’s worth investing the money to try and train this guy while Brady Quinn still sits in the wings.

So who might be willing to take a chance on this guy when the Browns are reportedly asking so much. In the matter of about 48 hours, the New York Jets have become a great possibility.

I suspect that George Kokinis knows now whether he wants to keep Anderson. His job with the Ravens involved evaluating NFL talent, particularly opposing players.

Right now I’m comfortable either way. Keeping Anderson gives them some options and some insurance in case Quinn gets hurt. Trading him would send a clear message that Quinn is the quarterback and helps to avoid any drama in training camp. If they can get a #2 pick, they should probably deal him.

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Mo Williams named to the NBA All-Star team and skills challenge

They finally got it rght. Mo Williams is the main reason the Cavs have improved so dramatically this season. LeBron finally has a real point guard, and Williams can also create his own shot. The team is so much more fun to watch as well. It’s much more rare now to see LeBron sitting at the top of the key with the ball, only to settle for a long jumper.

Now Williams will also appear in the skills challenge, replacing Orlando’s Jameer Nelson.

Frye traded to Seattle

The Browns got a sixth-round pick for Charlie Frye.

They had to make a move. Charlie was a complete disaster in the Pittsburgh game. He has no pocket presence, and he has no clue where to throw the ball.

Yes, the line was bad, but Anderson was able to buy more time at times by simply stepping up in the pocket. Frye does not understand that concept.

The organization made the right call here, though they blew it by sticking with Frye in the first place.

Now let’s see how Romeo does the rest of the way. He sounded like a complete moron after the game.

Cavs in the Finals!!

Wow – they did it!

LeBron is the King, but this was a team effort. Guys like Gibson and Gooden stepped up in this series, and each night different players made big shots.

Idiots like Charles Barkley are already claiming that the Cavs have no chance against the Spurs. This claim is absurd.

Few people are discussing the fact that the Cavs play defense very well. Does anyone think that the Spurs faced a real defense when they beat the Suns or the Jazz?

If you play defense, and you have a superstar like Lebron James, you can beat anyone. Obviously the Cavs will need other players to keep making big shots when they’re open, but they should be in every game because of their rebounding and defense.

Call him King!!!!!!!

LeBron answers his critics. Cavs win!