Skip Bayless is a complete idiot

This guy can never admit he’s wrong. He picked Michigan to win, but now he’s saying on ESPN’s Cold Pizza that Ohio State won only because Tressel outcoached Lloyd Carr. He claims that Michigan is more talented. Then, in a statement that shows he knows nothing about football, he said that Ohio State did something in the game that he had not seen all year – that they went into 4 and 5 wide receiver sets and played a run-and-shoot type offense. This is an amazing statement. Ohio State has been using this offense and these formations ALL SEASON! This was not a surprise. Michigan just wasn’t good enough on defense to stop it.

Why does ESPN hire clowns like Skip Bayless and Lee Corso? As for Corso, I was thrilled to see him pick Michigan before the game. That practically ensured an Ohio State victory. This moron couldn’t pick a winner if his life depended on it.

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