Michigan clings to #2 spot in the BCS

Despite Michigan’s loss to Ohio State, Michigan is hanging on as the #2 team in the BCS standings. Their lead over #3 USC, however, is very small. Thus the Trojans will likely leapfrog Michigan if they can win their remaining games against Notre Dame and UCLA. Michigan doesn’t have any more games, so the Wolverines don’t have any more opportunities to impress the voters. Also, if USC loses and Florida wins the SEC championship, the Gators will also have the opportunity to leapfrog Michigan. I won’t even bother discussing scenarios for Arkansas, Notre Dame and West Virginia.

Those arguing in favor of Michigan are focusing on the three-point margin of defeat in their road game against #1 Ohio State. Those arguing against Michigan can focus on the three Ohio State turnovers that made the game close. Without a couple of errant snaps, the Buckeyes could have won that game by three touchdowns. They torched Michigan’s celebrated defense for 42 points and over 500 yards.

I don’t want to see a rematch, and I’m glad to see that USC or Florida will likely pass Michigan if they win out. Neither USC nor Florida has been overly impressive this season, but each will have impressive victories on their resumes if they can win out. It’s hard to argue that they should not get a shot at the Buckeyes. Also, an Ohio State/USC match-up would be awesome.

Meanwhile, Ohio State is the unanimous #1 team in the BCS after Saturday’s win over Michigan.

The No. 1 Buckeyes locked up a spot in the BCS title game Jan. 8 in Arizona with their victory over the Wolverines on Saturday, their 19th straight overall. They also became the first team to have a perfect score (1.000) under the BCS formula introduced in 2004. Ohio State is a unanimous No. 1 in the polls and the best team in the country according to the BCS computer ratings.

The Buckeyes need to take care of business on January 8th, and we know Jim Tressel will have them ready to play.

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