Should Braylon Edwards be shooting his mouth off?

I love this kid’s potential, and he’s starting to make some big plays for the Browns, but I think it’s a little early for him to be shooting his mouth off and calling out opposing players.

Braylon Edwards is talking smack and calling out Chris Gamble, the former Buckeye star who’s now a very solid cornerback for Carolina. Edwards had some big games against Gamble in college, and now he’s claining he’ll do the same this Sunday.

He’s the problem – Edwards has dropped a bunch of passes this season, and he once had a critical drop against the Buckeyes that led to another Michigan loss. He had a big game last week, but he should just keep his mouth shut and focus on his game. He and the Browns are not good enough yet to be calling out opposing players, and even if they were good enough, it’s not the classy thing to do.

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