NFL comes up short…when it matters

The NFL handed down a 5 game suspension to Tennessee Titan lineman Albert Haynesworth for scraping his cleat across the unprotected face of Dallas Cowboy lineman Andre Gurode. Gurode received 30 stitches and is still suffering from headaches on a regular basis. The doctors have not ruled out plastic surgery.

The NFL and the players union have made major progress improving the image of this league. Iíve been impressed with the fines and suspensions players receive for drugs, drunken driving, and off the field violence. This time Iím extremely disappointed. I think Haynesworth deserved a one year suspension and tons of community service. The actions were violent and have probably caused long term damage.

These types of action require immediate and severe punishment. A player committing a personal foul during the game is one thing, but to attack a player after a dead ball is unacceptable. The NFL may be setting a bad precedence after all the hard work.

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