Terry Pluto on the Tribe, the Browns and Lebron

Now that Hal Lebowitz is gone, the weekly “View from Pluto” is a must-read for all Cleveland sports fans. Terry Pluto is the best writer covering Cleveland sports, and his insights each week are informative and entertaining. This week’s installment has some great predictions on the Tribe’s 2006 season. He’s not worried about the bullpen because the Tribe has some great depth at the minor league level. The same can be said for the starting pitchers, and we all know that Andy Marte and Ryan Garko will be waiting at Buffalo to take over at third base and first base.

As for the Browns, Pluto points out some interesting comparisons to the Butch Davis era:

There’s a good chance the 2006 Browns will have only two offensive starters from the Butch Davis Era: receiver Dennis Northcutt and right tackle Ryan Tucker. And if Braylon Edwards gets healthy (not expected back until September) or free-agent signee Joe Jurevicius starts, then it will only be Tucker.

If the Browns have a decent draft, there could be as many as 40 out of 53 players who are new this season compared with the end of 2004. On defense, the only returning Davis Era starters might be Orpheus Roye, Andra Davis and Daylon McCutcheon. Chaun Thompson and Alvin McKinley came off the bench in 2004.

That’s pretty amazing. Savage and Crennel have them going in the right direction.

Finally, Pluto’s story about LeBron is worth reading. This kid is amazing.

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