Mel Kiper talks Buckeyes

Over at Insider (subscription required), Mel Kiper is all over the Buckeye players as he discusses the latest rumors on the NFL draft:

Another interesting spot to watch is with the Jets’ second pick in the first round. They could go with Ohio State center Nick Mangold with the 29th pick, but don’t be surprised if they take outside linebacker Bobby Carpenter, also from Ohio State. Carpenter is in the same mold of Mike Vrabel, another Ohio State alum. Vrabel’s defensive coordinator with the Patriots last season was Eric Mangini, now the coach of the Jets. If the Jets don’t take Carpenter, don’t be surprised if the Steelers take him. Remember, before he signed with the Patriots, Vrabel originally was drafted by the Steelers.

I’ll be sick to my stomach if the Steelers get Carpenter. I’d love to see the Browns get him with their pick in the second round, but that might be wishful thinking.

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