The Indians need to win first…

I was reviewing the Cleveland Indians’ 2006 schedule to determine how many games are going to be nationally televised this year. This number is a good indication of what the experts think of the Tribe for the upcoming season. So far, the baseball world believes Cleveland is a middle contender, as they tentatively have the Tribe slated for a handful of games on the national stage.

While reviewing this, I wanted to see how many games my local cable company was covering (Comcast) or my families (Adelphia) and as of today the answer is none. That’s right, zero.

I attached the article so fans understand that the Indians are asking us, the fans, to call our cable companies to petition for airing the games on cable. Fox Sports Network announced that the Indians were “ridiculous” in their demands to keep the team on their station. Did I miss something, or are the Indians still an “up and coming” team that need fan support? The organization really can’t be trying to squeeze money out of these networks before they are even winning, can they? That being said, it’s time for the Dolan family to put up or shut up. This city needs an owner that believes in winning by spending money. I know I have said this at least ten times, but do we really have to call our cable company to plead or should the Dolans put some money into this team and PROVE their worth? I think we should all call THE INDIANS and demand they start making the playoffs before wanting more money to watch games on TV.

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