Cleveland rejoices James winning MVP; let’s keep it going!

The Cavaliers joined together to celebrate LeBron James being named the best player in the All-Star game last night. Coach Mike Brown, GM Danny Ferry and the players showered James with praise and compliments.

I believe Brown and Ferry should be on the phones and wire trying to improve this team. If we believe that MVP LeBron can carry this team for the whole second half of the NBA season, we’re kidding ourselves. Let’s not relive the collapse by the Indians at the end of the baseball season. I want to win and I want to win now!!

They only way that will happen will be to make some changes. Larry Hughes is hurt and will not return until the playoffs begin, at the earliest. The Cav’s have proven they can play with Indiana, Detroit and Miami. I continue to read how Drew Gooden gives us a constant double/doubles, this should be a given with LeBron roaming the court. Damon Jones is still building a new Q with all the bricks he continues to throw at the rim, even though he is the self proclaimed “best three point shooter” in the league. And excuse me for not getting excited over Stephen Graham, there’s a reason this is his third team this year.

I’m a Cleveland fan and I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope we finally have an owner (unlike the Modells or Dolans) that has the drive to get us there.

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