The Browns need a good decision.

The Cleveland Browns are preparing for free agency and this year’s draft. They will concentrate on leadership and experience. If the Browns draft an offensive or defensive lineman, look for them to sign a veteran free agent at wide receiver. This past year, free agents and draft picks played a major role in shaping the team.

I like the way Phil Savage handles himself publicly. He is open and honest when evaluating players and their future with the team (i.e. Antonio Bryant). The fact that we may have Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow back to start the season makes you wonder if concentrating on the defense should be a number one priority in the draft. The Browns have a pretty strong offensive line and durable back in Rueben Droughns. The addition of another top notch free agent would make their O-line very similar to the Pittsburgh Steelers. As an Ohio State Buckeyes fan, I see similarities with Phil Savage and Jim Tressel. Michigan and Pittsburgh are the key opponents, and beating them should be their number one concern.

Phil came to Cleveland and one of the first things he stressed was that you have to “believe you can win”. The Browns and their fans have a long way to go in that category. Savage answered every question asked in a recent conversation, but still didn’t tip his hand on the draft. I believe defense should be our main concern, but that being said I’ve always agreed with taking the “best guy on the board” regardless of the position. Let’s just hope our number one pick can make it through a full season without a major injury.

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