Tressel gets 10 in and 10 out in 2006

Jim Tressel went against the grain with the 2006 recruiting class. The majority of Tresselís recruits generally reside in the Buckeye State. This year he recruited 10 from Ohio and 10 from out of state. There were only 2 highly rated players that OSU lost. One went to Michigan (his father was a graduate) the other went to Virginia Tech (he will learn that was a mistake). Ohio State was again very heavy in the linebacker area, slowly replacing Penn State as ďLinebacker UĒ. The stats on the class are very impressive and you have to wonder why they didnít get a higher ranking by the experts. I believe that one thing worth noting is Tresselís comment that his goal is a team GPA of 3.0 for the year. We need to remember that our National Championship team won with ability and knowledge, a mix that Coach Tressel looks for in all his players.

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