The misery endures

First the White Sox. God, I hate them.

And now the Steelers. God, I hate them even more.

It’s funny that I just referenced the Big G twice, even though it’s clear he doesn’t like me. I am, after all, a Cleveland sports fan.

I am so tired of watching other teams, other fans, other cities celebrate championships. When am I going to hang on to every last word of a postgame awards presentation? When am I going to start dialing the first time I see that SI Champions commercial? When are we going to see a ticker tape parade in downtown Cleveland, fer cryin out loud?

Watching two of our bitterest rivals hoist tropies and douse themselves in champagne over the last four months has truly been awful. It’s time for someone to get it right and bring home a title. So come on LeBron. Shapiro. Savage. Someone accomplish something.

Within the next three or four years, I want to be hanging out of the window screaming “We won!” while my wife drives my drunk ass home from a sportsbar.

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