WTAM unlistenable

Sitting here waiting for Randy Lerner to potentially call Trivisonno on WTAM is, quite simply, torture. Gotta give ’em credit. They are on the Browns payroll, they know it, they know everyone else knows it, so the on-air product which they deliver is pretty much as expected.

But my god. I never heard of Lew Merletti until this weekend, and they just spent 10 minutes on the phone listening to Doug Dieken practically saint the guy…for what? How many wins has Lew Merletti contributed to? Seriously, never heard of ‘im.

Then, these guys have all this airtime to fill, Trivisonno, Mike Snyder, Bill Wills, Doug Deiken, plus the guy on the phone in Berea (Andre I think), and not one of them asks why the story developed the way it did. They’re all just sorta, “geez, we were all kinda wondering what the heck, aw shucks.” It would seem to me that a story which ESPN reported and stood by all weekend, that Phil Savage would get fired, and then it isn’t Savage but Collins getting fired, would AT LEAST generate one question about how the story came out so wrong, through so many media, so definitively.

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