Braylon’s knee

I hadn’t realized he just had the surgery last week

He missed the Browns’ final four games, and had to wait until swelling in his knee subsided before he could have surgery.

The swelling took 5 weeks to go down? Wow. Is that normal for such an injury? I’m not gonna hold my breath for a Week 1 return.

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Trade Damon Jones

It’s getting harder to justify keeping Damon Jones on this team, let alone starting, during a period of two months without Larry Hughes. The guy made one shot last night, of the 6 he took, all from three point land, 3 assists, 0 rebounds, 0 free throw attempts. I think I saw him standing inside the three point line once last night, and saw him moving his feet on offense even less. The good news is that Mike Brown looks like he gave some of Jones’ minutes to Mike Wilks, who got 26 minutes last night.

Trade deadline is Feb. 23. Ship ‘im out.

Can someone tell me how the Cavs won last night?

Cavs went 17-29 from the free throw line, the starting 2-guard Damon “World’s Greatest Shooter” Jones goes 1-6 from the field, all 3-pointers, and still the Cavs win by 8 points. How’d they do it?

Oh wait. Lebron James. 35 pts, 6 assts, 7 rebs, no turnovers, and a blocked shot. Never mind.

Tribe signing first baseman?

Eduardo Pzere?

Perez is a fallback plan for the Indians, who were unsuccessful in trying to sign Nomar Garciaparra, Brian Giles and Eric Byrnes this offseason to help upgrade their right-handed power.

The Tribe always seems to be in a “fallback” plan when it comes to free agents. We always aim high, go lower, then end up signing lowest, sorta like, “well, we got our right handed batter, whatever.”

More crappy Damon Jones numbers

The greatest shooter on the planet.

Jones is relying solely on the 3-pointer, and it’s not working. In the past five games, he’s attempted 26 shots from the field – 22 from 3-point range. He’s hit four for 18.2 percent. Jones has one field goal inside the 3-point line in eight games, a drive to the basket in the fourth quarter of a 94-89 victory over Indiana on Dec. 23.

I really have no idea why Mike Brown put him in the starting lineup, other than perhaps to prove to the kid that he needs to sit his ass on the bench.