Collins resigns

WKYC & WTAM are reporting that John Collins has resigned as president of the Browns. Stay tuned. UPDATE – Just saw it reported on WJW Fox8. Trivissonno saying he heard this last night, and confirmed it this morning. Tony Rizzo reporting that Lew Merletti will have a bigger role, Savage will remain GM, Collins may be heading to another role in the Lerner family business.

SLAM! Collins gets smoked. Four days ago the guy is on WTAM speaking for the team, “renewing vows”, today he’s gone. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass. It’ll be interesting to see if they fill the vacancy, and with whom. Also, looks like Crennel helped Savage out big time.

Trivisonno is on WTAM at 9 am…applauding the move. I’m not sure there’s a lot to applaud here. Trivisonno confirms that Lew Merletti will move up in the organization, says Randy might take the title of president of the Cleveland Browns….then says Randy doesn’t want to be the front man.

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