WKNR reports Savage fired, Collins denies it

What. The. F. WKNR just reported a ton of stuff….Savage and some of his staff out. Ray Anderson in. Crennel will be ordered to fire some assistants. Collins takes over some duties. I switch to WTAM, and John Collins is on there saying “Phil Savage is not getting fired, will not be fired”, we’ve “renewed our vows.” Ray Anderson not being brought in. Chaos.

Collins & Fat Pig Triv are kissing each other’s ass on the air, Trivisonno; “This ain’t a ratings play, we didn’t start this, John!” Collins; “I know you guys wouldn’t do that.” Everybody blames ESPN. Trivissonno asks if Savage might resign, Collins says, “I don’t know.”

NEW TAKE? Yeah, ESPN has the worst journalists in the entire world, they’re all a bunch of hacks, how dare they. Nothing to see here, move along. This is going to get very interesting. Let’s see how this plays out after the Ravens game.

UPDATE – WKNR, after reporting “deed was done” at 6.00, then going to Danny Ferry on the phone while WTAM talks to John Collins who denies it, comes back at 6.30 to report the “deed was undone…entire story flipped upside down in the last half hour.”

No idea what the hell is going on here. Seems to me either ESPN’s Chris Mortensen really went off half cocked, or he got played by someone in the Browns front office, or this whole thing will resurface next week.

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