ESPN’s Mortensen on Roda, plot thickens

Listening to WKNR, seems to be quite a bit more to the story than just “Savage getting fired”.

Liveblog….Chris Mortensen of ESPN stands by the story, and says the Browns have offered Phil Savage a role in their player personnel department, that the Browns are trying to salvage something out of the situation. Mortensen can’t believe someone would ever get fired over “philosophical differences on salary cap issues”, so this makes him think it’s pretty serious. He believes Savage took the job believing he’d be in charge of everything, including the salary cap. “Randy was siding with John to bring in somebody else to run the department.” “This has been a very positive Browns season, they’ve obviously improved their personnel, it’s just an incredible development.” “Obviously there’s a rift, maybe it can be solved.” “It would surprise me more if Phil compromised.” “I was told that it would be as early as today and by Monday probably, but at the same time it left an opening for something to be resolved.”

Earlier this afternoon on WTAM, Jim Brown denied the whole story. I have no idea how much access to the facts Jim Brown would have, or whether he speaks for the team. Meanwhile Leigh Bodden signs a four year extension.

Shoot me now.

UPDATE – John Clayton on ESPNNews reports that John Collins wanted to bring in a cap guy to work with Savage, that Savage is not officially fired yet, that it’s a very “strange situation,” and that “we may be seeing one of the best personnel guys in the NFL on the way out.” Meanwhile, Roda just dumped a caller for launching into profanity.

If you’re gonna fire the guy, fire him. Don’t let ESPN report that you are “planning to fire” him. The way ESPN is reporting it, seems like their source is Savage himself, as they are blowing smoke up his ass every chance they get, and the Browns’ flaks on WTAM (Jim Brown, fat pig Triv, Reggie Rucker) are all hatin’ on Savage, denying the story even exists. Sounds like Collins & Savage are having a pissing match via the media. Lovely.

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