Guarding Lebron


“I tried to defend him,” Nocioni said. “It’s hard because he’s a great player. I think he’s the best offensive player in the league and it’s difficult for me and everybody.”

Bulls coach Scott Skiles tries to make him feel better.

“I thought [Deng] did a good job on him, and I thought [Nocioni] did a respectable job on him,” Skiles said of defending James, who scored 25 points in the second half. “Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’re doing a good job on him or he just isn’t kind of trying all the way until he wants to. But he made some difficult shots in the last three minutes.”

You gotta feel for coaches who have to convince their guys to defend Lebron. The player knows damn well it can’t be done, but as coach, you have to do…well….something. Lebron’s like, “whatever“.

“He believed he could guard me, I guess,” James said after surpassing 30 points for the 16th time this season and ninth in December. “He believed his aggressiveness could make me do things that I don’t do. I just tried to use that aggressiveness against him. It’s a great battle. I like it.”

We are all witnesses.

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