A business-like win

At 17-9, the Cavs have the second best record in the East. Last night’s win over the Bulls at home had the feel of a day at the office. Chicago put up a fight, made a few runs, but the game never felt in doubt.

And does anyone fill up a stat line as thoroughly and as uneventfully as Lebron does sometimes? Sure, some nights he’s torching the place, but just as often, Lebron just seems to get near a triple double as if it is entitled to him. At the start of the 4th last night, he was at 20 points, you kinda thought he might not reach his average of just above 30….and then he just kicks it into not another gear up, but a half gear up, just to show you his next full gear up is somewhere beyond the Larry Bird imitation of hitting 4 turnaround fallaway jump shots in a row to ice the game.

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