Burglary, delayed report….booster?

This burglary at A.J. Hawk’s & Nick Mangold’s place doesn’t look good. Not at all. I agree with Chas Rich…there’s probably a lot more to this than meets the eye.

I won’t even speculate as to why it took them 5 days to make a police report. So, if Mr. Mangold doesn’t “have a lot,” can we assume the cash wasn’t his? One of the 3 kids better be quite wealthy to explain how they had $3000 just sitting around a college apartment. No reason to think that they may have received it from a booster or such. Or maybe they are lying just for the insurance settlement (learning nothing from Maurice Clarett).

I’ll speculate as to why it took them 5 days to make a police report. (a) They’re dopes, (b) they have something to hide, and (c) they’re dopes. Just what the team needs going into a bowl game. Apparently their folks are “funding” them.

“My son went off to college with a brand-new Impala I bought it for him,” Vern Mangold said. “A.J. has a brand-new car that his dad bought for him. Not every kid that goes to Ohio State is indigent…Don’t get me wrong. Neither Keith (Hawk) nor I are wealthy, by any stretch of the imagination. We’re just above-average, middle-class folks. But we keep the kids funded. Whatever they need, we try to take care of them.”

How many parents send their kids off to school with $3,000 in cash?

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