Browns could beat Bengals

Yep. Let’s have a little fun. I think the Browns could beat the Bengals this Sunday. Really, I do. Here’s how.

Charlie Frye is going to start, and Crennel is not going to want to be pass happy like he was in the first meeting at Cleveland, when Trent Dilfer threw 43 times, and Droughns ran only 12 times. That was moronic. Maurice Carthon is not going to make that mistake with a rookie QB on the road.

So it’s gonna be all Droughns, all the time. The Bengals are 24th in the league in run defense. If the Browns can play a time of possession game, run Droughns like crazy, keep the Bengals offense off the field, the crowd out of the game, and STICK WITH IT, they got a real shot.

Not to mention, Chad Johnson just predicted the Bengals were going to the Super Bowl. I don’t know what the Bengals record is in games after Chad Johnson flaps his mouth off, but I’m gonna guess it ain’t great.

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