Retire World’s number?

That seems a bit extreme.

The festivities did not include retiring Free’s No. 21, which he and many fans have wanted for years… “I look at the names up there and I say to myself, ‘It would be an honor to be in the rafters with them,’ ” Free said. “I helped revamp a franchise that was dead, completely dead. If you can do something like that, you deserve to be up there.”

I like World. I remember a time when you really couldn’t see many Cavs games on TV, and all you had was Joe Tait making those amazing calls on the radio, World B. Free right in the middle of it.

But gimme a break. World B. Free did not “revamp” anything. What brought the Cavs back to life was the draft that brought Brad Daugherty, Mark Price, and Ron Harper to Cleveland. World B. Free was a great shooter on a pretty poor team.

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