This is how you coach

The PD’s sports page today looks like they’ve been waiting for this QB controversy to blow up all year…full frontal Frye vs. Dilfer. It’s a bit much, fellas.

And really, what exactly is the controversy? This is how the situation was going to be played from day one of the season, and Romeo Crennel is handling it with total professionalism. Here’s what we knew.

– We knew the Browns would be sub-playoff, might even stink.
– We knew Dilfer wasn’t all that, might even stink.
– We knew Frye had some spark, but he’s a rookie.
– We knew at some point, a change would have to be made.
– We knew the Browns had to have a look at Frye to make a decision on his future.

What’s the big news here? As far as I can tell, the big news is that Crennel has gone with a rotation without any notice. To me, that’s creativity in a situation that usually has no winners. If the rest of this season is spent checking out Charlie Frye in odd situations (surprise starts, surprise rotations, in here, out there), what the hell is wrong with that?

And by the way, Trent Dilfer has no business getting upset about this. If he didn’t stink, the Browns would be in playoff contention. They’re not. And therefore, he’s got precisely zero claim on the starting job. Romeo Crennel should be applauded. This is a good solution to a tough situation.

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