Crennel for rookie of the year

Rookie head coach, that is. From ESPN’s Len Pasquarelli.

At 4-6, the Browns have already equaled their victory total from last season. And the four victories are as many as the team managed in three of its previous six seasons since being reincarnated in 1999. No reason to believe that Cleveland, and Crennel, won’t add a few more notches in the left-hand column before the season ends.

Pasquarelli goes on to detail why I think Reuben Droughns might also be nominated for “best off-season move”, and quotes an anonymous source on another Browns move that could qualify as well.

“As much as the Denver coaches like to tell people how well the defensive linemen they got from the Browns in the offseason are playing, Courtney Brown isn’t doing much. He’s got two sacks, that’s it, and I’m convinced now the guy will never be more than ordinary. And that’s only if he can stay healthy.”

All in all, people around the league are starting to look at the Browns and say, hey…wait a minute…they’re finally waking up from their dark night.

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