How the Cavs did it

There was a hint of better defense in the 4th quarter of last night’s 123-120 road comeback victory last night, but really, it was all about Lebron. And the PD breaks down how they did it…they moved Lebron to point guard.

Coach Mike Brown made a move in the third quarter when James switched to point guard. James easily blew past defenders and either scored or passed off for easy layups. The Cavs cut the 16-point deficit to nine heading into the fourth quarter. “I knew he would be great at middle pick-and-roll,” said Brown, about putting the ball in James’ hands. “Instead of having someone else bring it and getting him the ball at halfcourt, we said, ‘Why don’t you just bring it, spread the floor and lets play middle pick-and-roll and make a play for us.’ ”

I think we just saw a picture of how the Cavs will win all their close, big games from now on.

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