Browns shutout Dolphins, QB controversy ignited

…you guys do it in the commenting. There’s a Thanksgiving dinner at my grandmother’s nursing home (cue rolling of the eyes) and if I miss this, I will burn in hell for eternity. This dinner happens every year, same time, I always miss a Browns game because of it, and I’ve been lucky that none of the game’s I’ve missed recently have been of any consequence whatsoever.

So take it away, fellas…I’ll probably join you sometime in the 3rd quarter. TIM’s TAKE? Browns should win this one, taking more pressure off of the whole Charlie Frye thing. Although, this would be a good game to have a look at Frye, don’t you think? I’d also like to see Droughns get the bulk of the offense…did I mention I’m a “run the ball” kinda guy?

8.31 3rd – Browns 12, Dolphins 0. So they tell me there’s been some QB drama…It did feel like a let’s-have-a-look-at-Frye day…doesn’t sound like he did that well.

7.31 – 3rd Nice punt return by Northcutt to Dolphins 28 yard line. Dilfer back in, he’s played both series in the 2nd half.

5.24 3rd – Short TD pass to Terrell Smith in the flat…Dilfer saved again from a tough throw, Smith stabs it with one hand, manages to hold on. Browns 19, Dolphins 0. Browns defense seems to be the chief beneficiary of a Reuben Droughns ball control offense…he’s got something like 150 yards already.

First play, ensuing Dolphins drive…INT. Browns defense is just stifling these guys. (Is the Dolphins QB really named Sage Rosenfells?)

1.35 3rd – FG, Browns 22, Dolphins 0. Heiden drops a sure TD pass. We might see Frye come back if this lead holds up.

Frerotte back in?!?! So let me ask this question…if he wasn’t able to start, why the hell are you bringing him in down by 22 at the end of the 3rd quarter?

END OF 3rd Browns 22, Dolphins 0 – Looks like there really is a team that’s worse than the Browns. Way too much QB drama in this game. Frerotte, Rosenfells, Dilfer, Frye…sounds like a personal injury law firm.

14.43 4th – FRYE BACK IN AGAIN – I gotta hand it to Crennel, this is the perfect game to see Frye in action. Weather’s fine, at home, Browns have led throughout, this is his second series, he’ll probably finish the game out.

14.35 4th – First play of Frye’s first 2nd half drive, Braylon Edwards drops a perfect throw on a slant, pops in the air, picked off. Keep flapping that mouth, Braylon. Frye’s first INT of his career. Thanks Braylon. You’re a star. Too bad you didn’t have a Sharpie to autograph it before it went to the Dolphins DB.

Browns force a punt. I hope Frye comes back out…..Frye did come back out, and executed what may become the typical Charlie Frye play….3rd & long, run around, elude the rush, throw it to Braylon for a first down.

9.47 4th – Drive ends on third & long, Frye to Edwards short of the first down. Still Browns 22, Dolphins 0.

THIS IS A VERY GOOD DEVELOPMENT FOLKS – Cannot think of a better way to throw Frye into a game. He’s playing o.k., making some good plays, and making all those dumb first game mistakes everyone makes (remember Bernie’s fist snap? Fumbled it.) in a game in which the Browns lead by 22. At home. In good weather. Crennell should be applauded for this.

5.08 4th – Dolphins convert on 4th down to the 14 yard line. Shutout in jeopardy.

3.56 4th – Another 4th down, Browns stop them after some FINE cornerback plays. Shutout will occur. Wow. Did anybody bet there’d be a Browns shutout today?!?

Oddly, Dilfer comes in for the next series…why not let Frye finish it out? Odd. Browns go 3 & out, and a SHITTY PUNT puts the shutout in jeopardy again.

2.53 4th – Deep pass for first & goal. Shutout in trouble.

2.09 4th – Another good defensive stand PRESERVES SHUTOUT ON 4th DOWN. This will be a big confidence builder for the Browns defense.

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