Not fair. Just not fair at all.

To have Lebron James and Larry Hughes on the court at the same time just. Isn’t. Fair.

After 2 points in the first quarter…TWO…Lebron ends up with 37. Ridiculous. Hughes scores 22 points, all of which accounts for 59 of the Cavs 114 points. Lebron had 10 rebounds, Hughes had 8 assists.

How are teams going to defend this pair? There were times last night when the Wizards simply had to double and triple Hughes. This will continue. Who’s left to cover Lebron? Vice versa? If I’m a defensive coordinator on an NBA team this year, I circle every date the Cavs are on the schedule, and I sub-contract a team of experts to work on this problem like some kind of Manhattan Project, because that’s the only way you’re gonna solve it.

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