Chicken sandwich

Watching the game at Southside last night in Tremont, a new Cavs cheer developed. The Cavs were down by 8 in the first quarter. They looked sloppy, came out a bit uninspired. The bartender began to read the specials menu to us…romaine salad, a quesadilla, and a chicken sandwich.

Right about the time she said, “chicken sandwich,” the Cavs started to turn it around. It was amazing. One minute, they looked listless and down by 8 points, the next minute, after the utterance of the words “chicken sandwich”, they were flying up and down the court. We began yelling “chicken sandwich!” at the television whenever the Cavs made a good play, or were about to. Donyell spots up for a three? CHICKEN SANDWICH! Drains it.

After a short period of confusion (why are we saying chicken sandwich?) soon the entire bar was shouting “CHICKEN SANDWICH” at the television whenever the Cavs ran out on a fast break. The best invocation of the chicken sandwich was when Lebron grabbed what appeared to be a half court ally-oop, and while the ball was in the air heading to Lebron, a chorus rose up, “CHICKEN SANDWICH”, which resulted in the thudering dunk.

I think I’m gonna keep this one.

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