Reality check in San Antonio

About the best thing you could say about tonight’s loss in San Antonio is that the Cavs were supposed to lose. Getting thumped on the road by the NBA champions is probably the best medicine for any overconfidence that Cavs may suffer from after their 1-0 start. Early on, the Cavs looked like they were going to make a game of it, but something happened on the way to Mike Brown’s dream defense…the defense stopped.

Tony Parker just ran completely unchecked through the Cavs defense. Too many open jumpers, too many uncontested layups. The Cavs bench, which delivered big time in the opener against New Orleans, was absent. The rhtyhm the Cavs established with Z and Gooden in the post early just evaporated. And Bud Shaw is probably patting himself on the back….Lebron appeared just a bit too enamored with the 3-pointer. Brown took Lebron out with 7.20 left in the 4th, Lebron took off his head band, and that was that.

As good a beat down as the Cavs put on New Orleans in Game 1, that’s how good the Spurs took it to the Cavs tonight. Lesson administered.

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