PD’s Shaw getting carried away

For some reason, Bud Shaw is all lathered up about Lebron James “settling” for 3 pointers. What?

The 3-point shot is not only a fickle temptress, it’s exactly what every NBA team would prefer James do on most nights, just as every team preferred Jordan shoot instead of driving the lane or posting up.

That might be true, but Bud. They’ve played ONE GAME. The guy is obviously trying to show that he’s got another weapon, it is good that everyone finds this out, because they will then try to cover him 30 feet from the basket, which of course, is a good thing also. Geez….give the guy a break. Lebron is close to being able to score at will, from anywhere on the court, and he’s got some columnist nipping at his heels about going 6 for 7 from 3 point land. Lovely.

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