Pass to run ratio idiotic

Maurice Carthon’s been gettin’ a lotta props for his play calling, but this just seems totally absurd.

One area the Browns will study is their pass-to-run ratio. Currently, they’ve passed 168 times and run 96, not counting Dilfer’s eight scrambles. Against the Ravens, they threw it 30 times and ran 18. They didn’t run at all in the first quarter. What’s more, Dilfer is on pace to throw a career-high 537 passes. His previous high was 482 in Tampa Bay in 1996.

That is WAY outta whack. I wouldn’t mind this being the ratio if Frye gets in there, but with Dilfer? No way. I think Carthon’s situational play calling has been good, but his game planning has never really seemed to fit. This last Baltimore game revealed that in stark relief. Dilfer should not be throwing a career high number of passes…not with this team.

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