Here it comes!!

The inevitable QB controversy.

When asked specifically if he might make a change at quarterback, Crennel said: “What we’ll do is that we’ll look at it, and we’re looking at everything. And if we determine that a personnel move needs to be made, then we’ll make a personnel move – at whatever position it is.”

It was the first time this season that Crennel didn’t rule out replacing Dilfer with rookie third-round pick Charlie Frye. After the opening loss to Cincinnati, Crennel was asked if Dilfer was still his starter, and he said “yes.” Monday, following Sunday’s 16-3 loss to the Ravens, Crennel had two opportunities to say that Dilfer is still the starter and did not do so.

OK….so here’s my take on this. If the Browns have no expectation of competing this year, and the plan is to keep Charlie Frye on the bench for a year, then you keep him on the bench for a year, no matter how bad Dilfer stinks. If you think you can compete this year, then maybe you make a change. But I think he looks real good on the bench right now. Maybe the offensive line playing so well has given Crennell a reason to put Frye in there, but I don’t know. Alex Smith got ripped to pieces in his first start last week for the 49ers. I’d hate to see that happen to Frye.

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