Pittsburgh reporter on OSU-Penn State

Chico Harlan of the Pitteburgh Post-Gazette was on Kenny Roda this afternoon. He noted that the Bucks linebackers will probably shut down the Penn State running game. A regular at Chico’s Q&A page isn’t impressed.

I forced myself to go to Columbus, Ohio, and lo and behold I saw two men with hair so ratty it looked like they were using a new shampoo called Raw Sewage. Women would walk up to them on High Street and ask them how they were doing in their AIDS Awareness and golf classes and, immediately, I knew: These were Ohio State linebackers.

Nothing like some good trash talk, eh?? There’s lots more where that came from, so click the link. I think those ratty haired linebackers are gonna run rampant on Penn State, like they’re gonna do all year, every game.

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