Cribbs back this week

One of the best things about preseason was how Josh Cribbs returned kickoffs. Straight upfield. No nonsense. Fearless. He should be back in the lineup this week

Cribbs never ran kickoffs until he came to the Browns. It’s a job nobody else wants. Former Browns returner Andre Davis didn’t want to do it, and punt returner Dennis Northcutt doesn’t want to do it. Cribbs embraces the job. “There’s a lot of linebackers running down full speed,” he said. “Wide receivers want to stay away from linebackers. I don’t care at all. I’m trying to make a mark at it. I’m trying to make a name for myself, being that tough guy willing to do whatever it takes.

On a side note…why was William Green the only one running back kickoffs in the meantime? He seems the antithesis of Cribbs, seems to slow down the closer he gets to the wedge.

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