Post mortem – Sizemore enters Cleveland sports history with a thud

I hate to be accused of piling on a young player, but Grady Sizemore simply tanked after he dropped that ball in KC. In the 6 games since he single-handedly lost that KC game, he went 4 for 28. That’s .140. He only walked twice in that period and struck out 7 times in those 6 games, including 3 times in the first White Sox game. That’s your leadoff hitter in the most important week of the entire season.

All that talk of how he’d get over it, how it was just one play…we all know that was bullshit. The entire city of Cleveland knew that dropped ball meant WAY more than just an error. It tapped into the very essence of what it means to be a Cleveland sports fan, crossed time and space, opened that worm hole in the cosmos which channels every cursed Cleveland blow up in our sports history, and unleashed every hex that could ever be unleashed on a team. Grady never had a chance. Grady didn’t know it then. He knows it now.

There is a sports God. And he hates us.

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