Browns vs. Colts previews

The Indianapolis Star notes that Romeo Crennel has a, shall we say, great record vs. Peyton Manning.

With Crennel pulling the defensive strings from 2001-04 and including the playoffs, the Patriots posted a 6-0 record against the Colts. They got physical with Manning’s receivers and forced Manning to move around or vacate the pocket, limiting him to nine touchdowns and forcing 10 interceptions.

The Dayton Daily News also focuses on the Crennel-Manning matchup…

“I don’t know that we got in his head; he just didn’t win the games,” Crennel said of Manning. “There’s been some discussion about the success I’ve had against the Colts, but I went back and looked and I wasn’t on the field for one play. The players play the game.”

And Colts president Bill Polian apparently loves Trent Dilfer…

He was perfect for the Baltimore Ravens when they had that great defense and great running game when they went to the Super Bowl. He’s the perfect quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. He won’t make mistakes. He won’t turn it over. He’ll hit the high-percentage passes. He’ll make the right audible.

Should we propose a trade to Polian? How about you take Dilfer, we’ll take Manning.

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