Bandwagon officially open for business again!!

The absolute pummelling the Tribe put on the White Sox last night makes the world feel right again. Jayson Stark at ESPN is banging the MVP drum for Hafner, who was simply dominating last night, with two homers and 5 RBIs.

This week, on the South Side of Chicago, in the biggest series of the Cleveland Indians’ season, Travis Hafner had himself the kind of September series that MVPs are made of. Four home runs — at least one in every game of the series. Seven extra-base hits altogether. And 10 RBI. In 12 at-bats that might have changed the course of events for both the Indians and that White Sox team they were playing for those three nights.

And after a one-day hiatus, Jay Marriotti at the Chicago Sun Times is hilariously back in choke mode.

After a one-night breather, Choke Job Theater returned to the South Side. Media watchdog A.J. Pierzynski wants to know why we speak of the Sox in such harsh terms, saying, “It would be nice to open a newspaper one day and see someone write an article that this team is still good and still has a chance.” Well, I was thinking about it until the Wheezinators managed no runs and five singles off someone named Scott Elarton while Travis Hafner and the Indians — I repeat, the most complete team in the American League — were mashing baseballs long and far over the outfield fence.

Wheezinators. Hysterical.

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