Buckeyes’ offense blew it – plain & simple.

When OSU’s first drive of the game vs. Texas last night featured 2 dropped passes and a punt, my first thought was, “Oh, so it’s gonna be one of THOSE games.” And it was. But that said…

I have never…NEVER – been a fan of playing tag team QBs. Never. It’s stupid. And it proved to be stupid again last night, as OSU’s offense squandered what will likely be the best defensive shut down Vince Young will ever face this entire season. He rushed for 51 yards on the first series. The ENTIRE REST OF THE GAME he managed just 25 yards while being pummeled by OSU linebackers. By the end of the game, Young was barely able to get up off the damn field. If you told me that this would be his condition in the fourth quarter, I’d say OSU wins.

But no. The Buckeyes have to play games with the most important position on the field. Resulting in the last two series being some caricature of rigid adherence to the tag team. Zwick comes in, fumbles on the first play of the second-to-last series. First play of the final series, Smith takes a safety. Neither one developed a rhythm, except one of mediocrity leading to failure.

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