Browns v. Bengals Live Blog

FINAL – Bengals 27, Browns 13. Browns looked like the re-building team that they are. Trent Dilfer looked like Trent Dilfer – not good. He was responsbile for all 3 turnovers. And he attempted WAY too many passes. Why the Browns gave up the running game so quickly, I don’t know. It was working. The defense had some mediocrity sprinkled amidst total patheticness.

TWO MINUTE WARNING – Doesn’t matter.

4th 3.49 – Incomplete pass, Bengals take over.

4th 3.57 – 3rd & 2 at CIN 48, Dilfer nearly throws another pick, high throw tipped, falls out of DB’s hands. 4th down, Browns have to go for it.

4th 4.32 – Browns moving the ball, Droughns has 2 big plays, Edwards with big catch to mid-field.

4th 5.18 – Palmer on 2d & goal throws a stupid interception into the end zone. Under pressure, should have just taken a sack, throws lame ass pass up for grabs, Browns pick it. A perfectly executed drive sucks up more than 4 minutes, however. Browns take over at 20, 14 points down.

4th 9.39 – Bengals return KO to midfield.

4th 9.52 – Browns bring out field goal unit. Not sure I like this decision. 35 yard field goal attempt for Phil Dawson. Kick is good. 27-13 Bengals.

4th 10.39 – Browns huddle. 2d & 12. Dilfer has time. Runs. Scrambles out of bounds for 3 yards. 3rd down 9.

4th 11.25 – Another first down throw to Jackson. Browns moving the ball, now at Bengals 20.

4th 12.12 – Browns go no huddle. Dilfer gets first down, passing to Frisman Jackson.

4th 12.59 – Dilfer still in. Completes a pass. Lord be praised.

4th 12.59 – Palmer fumbles on ensuing 1st down. Browns ball. Yippee. Would not be surprised if Charlie Frye takes the field.

4th 13.09 – Dilfer throws ANOTHER INTERCEPTION. Clearly a terrible pass. Boos erupt in stadium. Dad gets up from chair – “that’s enough…”

4th 13.20 – This is now my least favorite part of a Browns game. The part where you have to sit through a thorough drubbing just because, well…you have to. It’s a Browns game. The commercials seem longer, the Browns possessions seem shorter, and the play by play guys have to fill the time with moronic banter. It’s a no-man’s-land of football hell.

4th 14.03 – Benglas fail on 3rd down. Have to punt.

4th 14.56 – Browns fail on 4th down. Dilfer again looks lost. Throws short incompletion.

END OF THIRD QUARTER – Browns finally have a drive going….then come up short on third down. 4th down coming up.

3rd 1.27 – Big gainer to Antonio Bryant on 3 rd down for a 1st down. Bryant best player so far today.

3rd 1.36 – Dilfer nearly throws pick that would have been a TD the other way. Pass incomplete. Another smattering of boos.

3rd 2.37 – nice catch by Eric Heiden. Big gain. Hurt himself. Great.

3rd 3.03 – Bengals punt barely goes into end zone. Touchback. I think the Browns need to score on this possession, or the game really is over.

3rd 4.28 – Bengals flea-flicker collapses in a sack. Why call this play with a 17 point lead?

3rd 5.05 – INTERCEPTION RETURNED FOR TD…..but called back for penalty. Illegal hands to the face. Replay shows EXACTLY NOTHING. Officials once more prove idiocy. NOT A SINGLE THING HAPPENED ON THE PLAY. Bengals dodge a bullet with phantom penalty.

3rd 6.05 – McCutcheon leaves the game. Wasn’t like he was having an effect on the Bengals passing game or anything.

3rd 6.30 – Boos erupt after punt. Why boo after a punt? Shouldn’t the boos come before the punt? Bengals take over at their 24. Chad Johnson returns. I don’t think it matters.

3rd 6.54 – On 3rd down, Dilfer COMPLETELY MISSES short slant pass to Antonio Bryant who was so wide open he would have gone another 20 yards. Dilfer 0 for his last 5 passes. A smattering of boos cascades from the stands. Browns punt.

3rd 8.17 – Droughns returns KO to 31 yard line. No one fumbled. Yay.

3rd 8.24 – Palmer’s 3rd down pass into end zone incomplete. Not bad coverage by Browns. Bengals settle for a field goal. 27-10 Bengals.

3rd 9.31 – Game probably over. Dilfer’s pass picked off at Browns 30 after FB Terrell Smith tips ball thrown high. Bengals ball at 13.

STUPID PEPSI COMMERCIAL, in which a vending machine goes long, catches touchdown pass. Who gets paid for this nonsense?

3rd 9.48 – TD Bengals. “Well, Timothy, that was it,” says Mom as she gets up and departs. Browns had pressure on Palmer, but secondary completely whiffs on the tackle. Can anyone in the NFL tackle anymore? Bengals 24-10. Palmer goes 7 for 7 and 74 yards in scoring drive. As if defense wasn’t on the field.

3rd 9.55 – big 3rd down at CLE 18. 3rd & 2. Browns need to stop ’em here.

3rd 11.33 – Palmer still palying pitch and catch with receivers. Absence of Chad Johnson has no immediate effect. Mom – “Bengals have a great offensive line.” Dad returns. Sits down. The lure of the Browns is too great.

3rd 12.04 – Chad Johnson carried off the field. Excellent. Working on “leg thigh area.”

3rd 12.58 – I ask Mom why she’s back watching. Mom speaks. “I’m giving them another opportunity. They fuck up one more time….” As she speaks, Bengals make another first down. Dad has given up, is outside sanding some wood, listening to old Kenny Rogers music.

3rd 13.57 – Palmer picking apart Browns defense.

Pre 2d half hype – Really don’t need the music videos.

AT THE HALF – Bengals Hail Mary drops harmlessly. Bengals lead 17-10.

2d 0.05 – Idiotic. 4th down fails. Bengals get one shot at the end zone before the half. Dilfer looks inept.

2d 0.14 – Another short throw inside. Another Browns TO. Dilfer not moving the ball, and wasting TOs doing so.

2d 0.28 Browns 1st & 10 at own 45.

COMMERCIAL SLAM – Idiotic Henry Winkler program. People pretending to throw footballs. Mornonic.

2d 0.34 – Browns TO after a 7 yard gain.

2d 0.39 – Browns return KO to the 32.

2d 0.45 – TD Bengals. Palmer makes another deep out pass, receiver just turns into the end zone. Browns defense making Palmer look like a pro-bowler. 17-10 Bengals.

2d 1.08 – Palmer makes incredible pass. Another 1st down.

2d 1.12 – They get it all back in one huge play. 1st down in Browns territory. Browns pass defense is not looking good.

2d 1.27 – Benglas stalling big time. Delay of Game. Cincy going backwards. 2d & 25!!!

2d 1.27 – OFFENSIVE INTERFERENCE! Big play comes back. Receiver pushes off. Bodden had coverage.

2d 1.35 – Kenard Lang alkmost picks off a tipped ball. Rare pressure on Palmer.

2d TWO MINUTE WARNING – Bengals moving the ball. First & 10 around the 30.

2d 4.00 – Mom comes back to the TV. (by the way, I always watch the Browns game at the folks house. Big screen. Food.)

2d 4.58 – Another penalty on the ensuing kickoff. Holding on Bengals. Backin’ ’em up to the 9 yard line.

2d 5.03 – Re-kick of the PAT after 15 yard penalty. Dawson hits it. Still 10-10.

2d 5.03 – TD TO FRISMAN JACKSON!!! Huge play, 68 yard catch and run on 3rd down. Great play. Great short slant pass, Frisman just outran everybody across the field. GAME TIED 10-10. Flag on the PAT. Idiotic. What could they possibly have seen…HOLDING? & PERSONAL FOUL!!!?????? WTF?

2d 6.45 – Dilfer throws another deep incompletion that could have been picked. Dilfer not throwing the long ball well AT ALL.

2d 7.13 – First catch by Braylon Edwards for a first down at CLE 19. Nice play.

2d 8.15 – plug for US Open Final, Agassi-Federer. Tempting in light of the current feel of this Browns game.

COMMERCIAL BREAK COMMENT – Browns look like they’re backsliding. Momentum definitely with Bengals. Why did we get away from running the ball? I guess you have to have possession to actually call a running play. Ensuing kickoff features penalty which puts the ball at something like the 5 yard line. Back to commercials. Irritating AS FUCK.

2d 8.50 – nice pressure on 3d down to stop the drive. Bengals kick a field goal to make it 10-3.

2d 12.00 – Great defensive play by Brian Russell to prevent TD pass to Chad Johnson.

2d 12.06 Dilfer loses fumble on QB draw at 50 yard line. Lovely. Mother leaves the TV, says in complete disgust “You just lost me guys.”

2d. 13.00 – Halftime report ad. Idiots hamming for the camera. Hate it.

2d 13.36 – Droughns has great KO return to CLE 41. More ads. CBS has a new NFL theme song with rap added. Will get extremely annoying if I have to hear it every single Sunday. Probably will….branding sucks. The football’s good enough, I don’t need some rapper hyping it every single commercial break.

2d 13.44 – Bengals’ Rudi Johnson scores rushing TD from the 1 yard line. 11 plays, 79 yards. Aided by incompetent officiating. Score 7-3 Bengals.

2d 13.47 – PASS INTERFERENCE? Where? Simply did not occur.

2d 14.00 – Fumble should have been reviewed. No fumble.

TIM’S TAKE? – Browns defense seems to have weakend from the first series. Perhaps there will be no defense in this game. Carson Palmer looks very comfortable.

END OF 1ST QUARTER – Bengals drive ongoing, 1st down deep in Browns territory.

1st 4.10 – Bengals reverse gains first down. Browns defense looked completely fooled.

MULTIPLE ADS – Most annoying thing in pro football? The Score-Ads-Kickoff-Ads-First-play cycle. Hate it.

1st 4.37 – Field Goal Good. Browns lead 3-0. Early analysis – Offense clicking nicely. Dilfer looks solid. Offensive line functioning nicely. NFL officiating living up to my opinion of them as the worst, most inept, incompetent officials in all of professional sports.

1st – 5.30 – Great drive peters out with an odd pass tipped off the head of the official. Typical Cleveland luck, would have been a first down. Penalty called. How the hell is that an illegal touch?!?!?! It came of the official’s head?!?!?!?!!! Droughns with 41 yards rushing already.

1st 7.37 – Almost a TD to Bryant. Throw from Dilfer was a bit too late, took him out of the end zone. Great catch anyway.

1st 9.00 – Antonio Bryant early MVP. Great catch for a first down at Bengals 41

AD – “This Is Budweiser, This is beer?” Someone got paid to come up with that?

1st 10.56 – Penalty negates Northcutt’s TD punt return. Ugh. Decided to switch to game time. Work in progress, folks.

1.15 pm – Great defense on Bengals first series.

1.10 pm – Browns first series ends with an unsuccessful trick play and a punt. No thanks. Keep it simple, Romeo.

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