Offensive line woes ending?

The PD today did a thorough analysis of the Browns’ running woes since 1985, when Kevin Mack & Earnest Byner both ran for over 1,000 yards each. They focused WAY too much on the backs, and not one bit on the real culprit…the offensive line.

The Browns haven’t had a talented offensive line, playing intact, without injury, for a full season, since 1985. You can trace just about every problem with this team to that fact. Bernie Kosar’s career was shortened by it. Tim Couch is out of football because of it. Countless running backs have failed because of it. Our defense is on the field way too much because of it. It’s like a cancer that spreads so far it probably affects the win-loss record directly.

The best news of the preseason…the BEST…is that our offensive line is intact after the preseason. I’m not sure how talented they are, or how well they will work together, but this is truly the start and finish of the running game debate. In fact, I would wager that if a study were done, a leading factor in whether or not a team makes the playoffs is the number of injuries on the offensive line.

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