Jones a reluctant Cav?

Ric Bucher at ESPN argues that Damon Jones didn’t really want to leave Miami for the Cavaliers.

Jones knows the Cavs aren’t ready to contend and that a lot of question marks about their chemistry and cohesion will have to be answered before they are. That’s why he’d still be in Miami had the Heat simply been willing to increase his salary more than a few hundred thousand above the $2.7 million he would’ve received had he not opted out of his two-year deal. The Cavs, after all, are reportedly starting him at $3.5 million. It’s hard to believe the Heat, had they reeeeeeally wanted to keep Jones, couldn’t have matched that.

If Jones didn’t want to leave, and Miami was nickle & diming him, give Danny Ferry his props. He kept at it, upped the ante, and delivered the deal.

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