My new sports home

So what’s next after you get a law degree, stop practicing law because you can’t stand it, work on political campaigns for a living, work abroad for years and years, and give it all up to start your own blog? I guess you become a sports blogger!

Welcome to, my next gig. Cleveland sports writers, look out. Ever read the PD sports columnists and wonder WTF? Me too. Fellas, you’re on notice.

And talk radio, too. I last listened to sports talk about 20 years ago, when some moron suggested to Pete Franklin, “Pete! Got a trade for ya! Mack & Byner for a first round pick!” after the season in which they both rushed for 1,000 yards. I called Pete and told him the guy was a moron. Stopped listening to sports talk radio. Now, it’s in the job description. Trivissonno almost made me vomit the other day. He’s gonna get his, don’t worry.

We’re gonna cover the Browns, Cavs, Indians, and OSU. We’ll talk some golf, as it’s the only sport I am physically capable of playing anymore. I’d also love to cover the folks at Cleveland Plays, where I left my QB dreams on a field in Brookside Park last summer along with the rest of my right knee. So Cleveland Plays people (you know who you are) let me know what the scoop is. Leave comments. (still time to register for fall sports!)

This should be fun. Anyone who sits through my cigar smoke (man, that blogger’s got a nice ash!) and sports rants at the Fulton on a Sunday night knows that my blood has run brown and orange through Red Right 88, the double overtime win against the Jets, the Fumble, the Drive, the Browns leaving town, coming back, stinking, and rebuilding. It ran red, white and blue through watching Albert Belle hit a grand slam in empty Cleveland Stadium, to Mesa’s Game 7 blown save, to this year’s playoff drive. It ran wine & gold through World B. Free & Ben Poquette to Price & Daugherty to the incredible gift from God that is Lebron James. Scarlet and gray from Chris Carter to Jim Jackson to Maurice Clarett to this week’s epic battle with Texas.

Let’s get it started.

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