This team just disgusts me

I guess we just have to accept this garbage, because Wedge and ShapIRO refuse to do anything about it. The “Boone and Blake” show. How wonderful. Day in and day out, Wedge keeps putting them in and day in and day out, they keep screwing this team over. And for those of you who will ask, “If not Boone, who will play third?” WHO CARES?! You could get ANYBODY to bat higher than .150. Fifty-three games into the season is not a slump. Then there’s Dolan — “We’ll get free agents when fans starting coming to games….” Great. Does Wal-Mart say, “We’ll get good products when people start coming to our stores.” Of course not. And don’t give me this small market crap. This market, which includes Akron/Canton/Toledo/Youngstown, is NOT a small market. It’s a mid-market, and these idiots know it. I am not spending a DIME to see bums like Boone and Blake. This team and organization absolutely disgust me. I feel like it’s 1981 all over again — mediocre, if not bad, team, mediocre front office, and cheap owner who strangles the region by hanging on to a team he simply cannot afford, which clearly shows on the field.

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