This team just disgusts me

I guess we just have to accept this garbage, because Wedge and ShapIRO refuse to do anything about it. The “Boone and Blake” show. How wonderful. Day in and day out, Wedge keeps putting them in and day in and day out, they keep screwing this team over. And for those of you who will ask, “If not Boone, who will play third?” WHO CARES?! You could get ANYBODY to bat higher than .150. Fifty-three games into the season is not a slump. Then there’s Dolan — “We’ll get free agents when fans starting coming to games….” Great. Does Wal-Mart say, “We’ll get good products when people start coming to our stores.” Of course not. And don’t give me this small market crap. This market, which includes Akron/Canton/Toledo/Youngstown, is NOT a small market. It’s a mid-market, and these idiots know it. I am not spending a DIME to see bums like Boone and Blake. This team and organization absolutely disgust me. I feel like it’s 1981 all over again — mediocre, if not bad, team, mediocre front office, and cheap owner who strangles the region by hanging on to a team he simply cannot afford, which clearly shows on the field.

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Starters, Pen have come through

It’s really amazing to me how well the bullpen and starting pitching have been so far this season. If the hitting was just average, this team would be right there with the White Sox. Even last night, in a win, they left 13 men on base. I have never witnessed an entire team hitting slump (except Belliard) for this long…but then again, being a Cleveland sports fan, nothing surprises me much anymore…anybody want to ride motorcycles in a parking lot with me tonight?

Time to sit Boone

Okay, enough is enough. In last night’s pathetic display of baseball that is becoming all too common in this town, the Tigers, in the 8th inning, INTENTIONALLY walked the winning run to first base in order to face the worst hitting third baseman in baseball, Aaron Boone. Boone, obviously not bothered by this utter lack of respect for his hitting ability, then cooperated by striking out on 4 pitches. Look, either this guy is still injured or he’s totally lost it. It’s not like he was ever that great a hitter in the first place — he has a career .266 B.A. — but he’s downright killing this team now. Last night he left another five men on base as he went 0-4 with 3 K’s. It’s time to sit this guy and let him either get healthy or figure out what’s wrong with his swing. Again, I am not quite sure if Wedge and this front office, or most fans in this city, for that matter, understand this simple fact: although it’s early, THESE GAMES STILL COUNT.

This is getting pathetic

In the year that the Tribe was supposed to “contend,” they’ve dropped 12 out of their first 20 games after Wednesday’s 10-3 loss to Detroit. It’s not like they’re losing dramatically — they’re losing without any passion, without any fire, without any sense of urgency whatsoever. After the game, Wedge will say his usual crap…”We’ll start hitting”…”it’s early”…”can’t get too down or too high”…. I have no desire to buy a ticket to see this uninspired baseball. Spare me this “what does Wedge have to do with it” crap. This guy needs to start sitting players who can’t even bat their playing weight. Do something — sitting on your ass waiting for things to happen isn’t why you’re paid the big bucks, Wedge.

WR Braylon Edwards is the man

Phil Savage chose WR Edwards out of Michigan. This is the right move – he’s a brilliant WR – if they keep him, which is a big IF, they’ll have 2 playmakers on offense in Winslow and Edwards. He is also trade bait right now – we’ll see what happens.