Browns sign left tackle Shelton; Verba wants out

In another strong move, the Browns signed massive left tackle L. J. Shelton, a former first-round pick out of Eastern Michigan. Shelton is not an All-Pro and Crennell might have to whip him into shape, but he’s certainly an adequate replacement for loudmouth Ross Verba. Savage has indicated that he will not restructure Verba’s deal, and Verba is now screaming for his release.

If I were Savage I’d tell him to pound salt and hold out if he wants. With Shelton this team does not need Verba, and they certainly don’t need someone like him to disrupt the new chemistry they are trying to build on this team. Verba is a decent player, but he is not a dominant left tackle, and he really doesn’t fit the power game Crennell is trying to install in Cleveland. Verba is one of those “versitile” linemen Butch Davis always yapped about. Sure, he can play guard as well, but what we really need is someone to play tackle, play it well and keep his mouth shut while doing it.

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