What happened to fundamentals?

A few years ago, Eric Wedge was this brilliant minor league manager that was in such demand that the Tribe overlooked a more experienced Joel Skinner to nab him. Three years later, all I see is an undisciplined, fundamentally-retarded baseball team. What was Cliff Lee thinking when he threw the ball into the stands? What was Broussard thinking when he bare-handed a slow grounder and didn’t go for the sure out? What was Boone thinking when he couldn’t simply move the runner over with NO OUTS? Could somebody tell the Indians spring training is over and these games actually count? I know it’s early, but it’s obvious thus far the White Sox and the Twins are better, hungrier, and play much smarter baseball than the Indians. It’s time for Wedge to start showing us why he was chosen to manage this team. The honeymoon is over.

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