Trade opportunities should be available on draft day

If the reports suggesting that the Browns prefer to trade out of the third spot in the draft are true, I’d be surprised if they didn’t find a willing trade partner next Saturday. We’ve already highlighted on this site Tampa’s interest in moving up, but they shouldn’t be the only ones. The way I see it, the Browns are in a pretty sweet spot.

Everyone’s talking about three or four guys: the two quarterbacks, Aaron Rodgers and Alex Smith, the top running back, Ronnie Brown, and arguably the top receiver, Braylon Edwards. So let’s say Rodgers and Brown go 1-2, as expected. Suddenly, teams like Tampa or maybe Arizona who are looking for their franchise quarterback will be speed-dialing the Browns to move up and nab Smith. If the two QBs go first, then everybody looking for a back in the first round will call Phil Savage. Or maybe, since the rumors have the Browns strongly considering Edwards if they’re stuck at three, teams interested in getting the Michigan receiver will try to swap spots with Cleveland.

Regardless of how the first two picks unfold, the Browns appear to be in a position of power and, if they truly are interested in moving down to stockpile picks, Savage shouldn’t have much trouble finding an appealing offer.

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