Thinning the herd

I have to admit I like the purge that’s taking place under Eric Mangini and George Kokinis. The process may be painful to watch, as it may be some time before the Browns start winning games on a consistent basis, but the quick fix never works in the NFL. The Browns need to build a new foundation, and getting quality players who are selfless and buy into the system is a necessary ingredient. It’s also important to weed out the bad apples like Braylon Edwards, or inconsistent players who want too much money, like Kellen Winslow.

Some have whined about the number of former Jets on the roster, but those players are all contributing. Guys like Abram Elam are setting a very positive tone on the team.

Naturally, talent is also critical, and over time the Browns need players with the talent of a Braylon Edwards. But, the talented players need to be placed in a system that breeds success. Bill Belichick built the Patriots from the bottom up, often with players that most fans knew little about. meanwhile, idiots like Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones focus on big-name players, yet they always fall short.

Give Mangini and Kokinis time. One idiotic sportswriter called Mangini the worst NFL coaching hire ever. He may eat his words in time.

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